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Collage AORTIC 2019

January 2020 - Webstreams of the presentations from the first iCMLf Forum for African Physicians treating CML that took place on November 6th 2019 in Maputo (Mozambique) are now available to view. This first iCMLf Forum in Africa was presented in partnership with The Max Foundation and focused on overcoming the challenges of treating CML in Africa with perspectives from Tanzania, Ghana, Botswana and Nigeria.

Topics include:

  1. Monitoring CML in a low resource setting
    Dr Oliver Henke (Tanzania)
    Dr Amma Benneh-Akwasi Kuma (Ghana)
  2. Responsible management in the era of five TKIs
    Professor Tim Hughes (Australia) 
    Dr Anthony Oyekunle (Nigeria/Botswana)

Click on the presentations below to view the webstreams and see the slides.
(We are very grateful for the support of Brandcast media to produce these web streams) 




Henke AORTIC 2019

Dr Oliver Henke
Moshi, Tanzania

Monitoring CML in a low resource setting - an experience from Tanzania

Topics include: Recommendations for monitoring of first-line TKI therapy, Monitoring tools:availability and costs, Can we reduce the frequency of PCR monitoring?, Specific data from Tanzania




Benneh AORTIC 2019

Dr Amma Benneh-Akwasi Kuma
Accra, Ghana

Monitoring CML in a low resource setting - an experience from Ghana

Topics include: Best practice; how to monitor patients on TKI by ELN; The Karle-Bu Teaching Hospital; experience with monitoring; challenges that affect monitoring in low and middle-income countries.




Tim Hughes 2019 iCMLf Forum

Professor Tim Hughes
Adelaide, Australia

Responsible management in the era of 5 TKIs

Topics include: Heterogeneity of response to TKI therapy in CML, overall goals of CML therapy and prerequisites, deep molecular response and treatment free remission in the Adelaide cohort, prioritising molecular testing.




Oyekunle AORTIC 2019

Dr Anthony Oyekule
Ile-Ife, Nigeria / Gaborone, Botswana

Responsible management in the era of 5 TKIs - an experience from Africa

Topics include: Imatinib therapy in Nigeria 2003 - 2013; sub-optimal response in Nigeria; Is it ever safe to stop TKI treatment in CML?; TFR studies in CML-CP; ESMO TFR minimum requirements; summary and suggestions.