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January 2020 - At the 21th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML in Bordeaux the iCMLf Directors awarded the Foundation’s 2019 prize medals. This was followed by keynote presentations from the three prize winners. You can view web streams of the Rowley Prize and the iCMLf Prize keynote presentations here. Unfortunately François-Xavier Mahon's presentation on 'Curing CML: To be, or not to be, that is the question' (Goldman Prize) is not available as a web stream.

Collage 2019 iCMLf Prizes


  • 2019 Rowley Prize: Professor Michael Deininger
  • 2019 Goldman Prize: Professor François-Xavier Mahon
  • 2019 iCMLf Prize: Dr Carolina Pavlovsky




Michael Deininger




Keynote Rowley Prize 2019:

Are we done or are we stuck?
The evolving landscape of chronic myeloid leukemia
Professor Michael Deininger (Salt Lake City, USA)
Department of Internal Medicine and
Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), University of Utah

  • 2019 CML landscape - most patients do well
  • When do we know enough? BCR-ABL1 transcript types and CML outcomes
  • Biological differences between BCR-ABL1 kinase domain mutants
  • Is everything knowable worth knowing?
  • Treatment-free remission
    • Will we ever be able to predict success?
    • How many attempts until it's time to give up?
    • Why is it not a reality for many more patients?
  • The Holy Grail: Finding the weak spot in CML stem cells


Carolina Pavlovsky


Keynote iCMLf Prize 2019:

CML monitoring and treatment discontinuation in emerging regions:
From clinical trials to clinical practice, are we yet there?

Carolina Pavlovsky (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
FUNDALEU Hospital and Clinical Research Center, Buenos Aires

  • Fundaleu: Foundation against leukemia
  • Fundaleu and CML clinical education
  • Fundaleu and CML lab education
  • Clinical trials at Fundaleu
  • From safe haven to cure
  • The practicalities of treating CML with generic therapies - perspectives from Argentina



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