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GoldmanPrize medal RGB reducWe are delighted to announce this year’s iCMLf Prize winners; Professor Jerry Radich, USA (Rowley Prize), Professor François Guilhot, France (Goldman Prize) along with Professor Iryna Dyagil and Dr Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk from Ukraine (iCMLf Prize).

Selected from the many nominations we received from the CML community, this year’s awardees join a revered list of now 37 scientists, clinicians and patient advocates who have been recognized for their accomplishments and lifetime achievements in advancing our understanding of the biology of CML and improving the management of CML.

We thank all the prize recipients for their tireless work, their inspiration to others and their consistent dedication to patients with CML.

Now meet the 2023 iCMLf Prizes winners:

  • Rowley Prize – Professor Jerry Radich (USA)
    The iCMLf Rowley Prize recognises outstanding contributions to the understanding of the biology of CML and is awarded to Jerry Radich in recognition of his visionary work in investigating the molecular basis of therapy response, resistance and relapse in CML as well as the development of modern molecular biology techniques towards the early detection of leukemia.
  • Goldman Prize – Professor François Guilhot (France)
    The iCMLf Goldman Prize recognises outstanding contributions to the clinical management of CML. François Guilhot receives the Goldman Prize to award his pioneering achievements in important clinical trials in CML and his longstanding leadership in the management of CML.
  • iCMLf Prize – Irina Dyagil and Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk (Ukraine)
    The iCMLf Prize acknowledges outstanding contributions to improving the treatment of CML in low and middle-income countries. In 2023 the Prize recognises the work of Ukrainian hematologists in this time of war and disruption. The iCMLf Directors and Advisors have chosen the two nominated Ukrainian haematologists, Professor Dyagil and Dr Kotlyarchuk to jointly accept the iCMLf prize.

The 2023 prize medals will be awarded during ceremonies at the John Goldman Conference on CML in Mandelieu, France in October. We hope to see you there to hear keynote presentations from the prize-winners who will share personal perspectives on their scientific and clinical work.

We congratulate all recipients on their prizes on behalf of the entire CML community.