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At present we have very limited data on CML patients who have been infected with COVID-19. To gather CML specific information, the iCMLf is collecting details of CML patients diagnosed with COVID-19.
We are collecting both confirmed and suspected cases.

You can download the document iCMLf - CML and COVID-19 Case Collection Form (539 KB) here.
Please email this to

The details we are collecting are:

For each CML patient with COVID-19 please complete the following information according to your current knowledge.

  • Name and email of physician treating CML
  • Name and email of person reporting the case

  • If applicable, how many CML patients do you treat?

Case Details

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Smoking/Vaping status
  • Length of time with CML
  • CML treatment and response pathway
  • Current treatment and dose
  • Length of treatment free remission, if applicable
  • Date of COVID-19 diagnosis
  • Method of COVID-19 diagnosis (i.e. PCR, history/CT imaging, history/CXR imaging, clinically suspected)
  • Significant comorbidities (e.g. pulmonary / cardio / immune related / metabolic / renal)
  • TKI interruption during COVID-19 treatment (Yes/No/How long)
  • Severity of COVID-19: Mild (no hospitalisation)/Moderate (hospitalisation)/Severe (ICU admission)
  • Specific COVID-19 treatment (Yes/No/Unknown)
    If yes, please list
  • Date of recovery/hospital discharge/death
  • Any other comments you would like to make

  • Have you submitted this case to any other COVID-19 database? (Yes/No)
    If yes, which one(s)?
  • Would you like the iCMLf to submit this case to the ASH COVID-19 registry on your behalf? (Yes/No/Already done)

You can download the  iCMLf - CML and COVID-19 Case Collection Form here.
Please email to

Clinical Case discussion related to COVID-19

Physicians can also post specific patient cases related to the Coronavirus outbreak for advice and discussion on the iCMLf Clinical Case Discussion Forum.

Recent discussions related to COVID-19 and CML can be found here: