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  • Presentations from the EHA2022 Congress

  • EHA 2022: Mechanisms of disease progression in chronic myeloid leukemia (S. Tiong Ong)

  • EHA 2022: Non-BCR-ABL1 biomarkers of prognosis in CML (Shady Awad)

  • COLT Meeting 2019: CML related topics

  • COLT Meeting 2019: The CML frontier

    iCMLf Forum 2014: Webstreams now available

    Webstreams of the presentations from the iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Regions 2014 are now available to view. Presenters give the local perspectives on each topic followed by the iCMLf experts and discussion with the audience.iCMLf Forum Speakers NEW

    1. The initial diagnosis and long term monitoring of CML and the tests involved 
      Dr Amha Gebremedhin (Ethiopia) and Dr Michele Baccarani (Italy)
    2. Considerations when managing pregnancy 
      Dr Carla Boquimpani (Brazil) and Dr Jane Apperley (UK)
    3. The journey to therapy cessation
      Dr Alok Srivastava (India) and Dr Andreas Hochhaus (Germany)

    Click on the presentations below to view the webstreams and see the slides.
    (We are very grateful for the support of Brandcast media to produce these web streams) 


    How to diagnose and monitor CML patients. The past, present and future. 

    My approach in Ethiopia to diagnosing and monitoring CML - blood counts, bone marrow, PCR, FISH. Assessing SOKAL risk. Considerations given to co-morbidities when starting therapy. How patient resources impact treatment. 


    iCMLf Forum 2014 Gebremedhin NEW

    Dr Amha Gebremedhin
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





    A brief perspective on the optimal tests at diagnosis and for long term monitoring and how these could be prioritised if resources were very limited

    iCMLf Forum 2014 Baccarani NEW

    Prof. Michele Baccarani
    Bologna, Italy


    The management of pregnancy in CML

    My approach in Brazil to managing pregnancy in CML patients and those who are considering becoming pregnant. How the patient's resources impact the management of pregnancy. Cultural aspects to consider. 

     iCMLF Forum 2014 Boquimpani NEW

    Dr Carla Boquimpani
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    A perspective on the considerations for treating CML patients who are pregnant, or are considering pregnancy and how this approach might be adapted in a more resource limited environment. 

    iCMLf Forum 2014 Jane Apperley NEWProf. Jane Apperley
    London, United Kingdom












    Treatment free remission: opportunities and dangers

    The situation in India regarding stopping therapy, my perspective and that of my patients. Positive and negative considerations when stopping therapy. How my perspective on stopping therapy is impacted by the resources of my patients.  

    iCMLf Forum 2014 Srivastava NEWProf. Alok Srivastava
    Vellore, India






















    A perspective on stopping therapy - when, why and how 

    iCMLf Forum 2014 Hochhaus NEWProf. Andreas Hochhaus
    Jena, Germany