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Patient Voices


It's difficult to hear that you, or one of your family members have been diagnosed with CML. You may have many questionsand spend time looking for answers. You may feel like you’re alone with your diagnosis, but there are many other people in all parts of the world coping with the disease.

There are several opportunities to get involved with other people with CML, sharing experiences and learning from other perspectives. You can watch videos with other people talking about their personal journey of living with CML or you can get in touch with other CML survivors by sharing your experiences in one of the discussion forums available. 

Patient Stories

‘Face of courage and hope’ book 

The CML Advocates Network published the ‘Faces of courage and hope’ book that illustrates the lives of 16 CML patients from 15 different countries. These inspiring stories bring to life the emotional impact of CML on patients and their family and friends and shares their hopes and plans for the future. Selected patient stories are also available as a video.
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Read inspirational stories of the experiences with CML

Leukemia Care published a selection of inspirational stories that are persons accounts of the experiences of patients, carers and fundraisers. They all have a story to tell about their experiences with a blood cancer – among them are several CML stories.
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Watch other people living with CML

The National CML Society has a video library that contains a variety of resources. Videos include survivor testimonial stories – all looking to find the right answers to living life with CML.
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Listen to Dan Sloan striking on a good balance with CML

Dan Sloan, an avid runner, was 42 years old when diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in 2011. After successful treatment, he has gone from being barely able to finish a run to active participation in 5k and 10k races.
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There are several blogs and discussion forum’s available where patients can connect with other patients, sharing their experiences and discussing important issues and the challenges of living with CML. We would like to introduce the following: 

Access CML Support Group UK Forum

Recent posts on the CML Support Group UK Forum include; CML and depression, side effects of imatinib, bone marrow transplant and an update on moving 'backwards' from dasatinib to imatinib. 

Logo CML Support Group UK

Access the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Blood Cancer Discussion Board

Join this online community of blood cancer patients, survivors and caregivers and meet people who understand what you're going through. 

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Access Leukaemia Care Blog

Take also a moment to catch up with the latest blog posts from Leukaemia Care, patients and care givers. 

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