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Welcome to the iCMLf Virtual Education Program

This Virtual Education Program, provided by the iCMLf offers a series of webcast presentations from leading hematologists.

These presentations provide updated information on treatment advances and best practice management of CML, including disease monitoring and new therapies. The sessions specifically address issues of CML care in countries with limited access to monitoring and supplemental treatments.


Modules des langues français

Módulos en español


-- Virtual Education Program: 2017 Edition 

Presentations from a CML Opinion Leader Meeting

We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations from the COLT Meeting 2017, a CML Opinion Leader Training that took place in Adelaide (Australia). Modules currently featured include; frontline CML and TKI resistance/failure - all presented by leaders in the field. Further modules will be made available in the coming weeks. 

Timothy Hughes.png

Prof. Tim Hughes


 Session 1: Frontline CML

  • Current clinical issues 
    (Prof. Tim Hughes)


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David Yeung 3Devendra HiwaseAgnes YONG w labcoat1

Dr David Yeung        Dr Devendra Hiwase     Dr Agnes Yong



Session 2: TKI resistance / failure

  • When frontline therapy fails 
    (Dr David Yeung)
  • CML - beyond chronic phase
    (Dr Devendra Hiwase)
  • Allograft - still a role in CML?
    (Dr Agnes Yong)


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We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations on various aspects of CML management that were first presented at the 22nd Meeting of the European Hematology Association (EHA) in Madrid in 2017. Modules currently featured include; how to treat CML in 2017, factors affecting clinical decision making in relapsed and refractory CP-CML patients and treatment outcomes of bosutinib from real-world data. 

 We are very grateful for the support of Brandcast media to produce these webstreams.
EHA Andreas Hochhaus






How to treat CML in 2017?
Andreas Hochhaus, Universitätsklinikum Jena, Germany 

  • Objectives of treatment optimization
  • Choice of initial therapy
  • Clinical data on 1st and 2nd generation TKI's
  • Comorbidities in CML at diagnosis
  • Main adverse events of TKI's
  • ELN recommendations for monitoring of first-line TKI therapy
  • Recommendations for switch: CP-CML
  • Management of blast crisis
  • Limitations of TKI therapies
  • Discussion: are we ready for routine stopping procedure?
  • Recommendations on CML management 2013 - 2017

This presentation is adapted from the one presented during the CML educational session at EHA. It lasts around 30 minutes.

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EHA Delphine Rea






Factors affecting clinical decision making in refractory and relapsed CP-CML patients
Delphine Réa, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Saint-Louis, Paris, France

  • TKI resistance: significance and definition 
  • BCR-ABL1 mutations and resistance to imatinib and 2nd generation TKI's
  • Failure of 1st and 2nd generation TKI's
  • Mortality and causes of death in CP-CML patients during 2nd or subsequent line TKI
  • Responses to 3rd line therapy after resistance or intolerance to 2nd generation TKI
  • 5-year results from the PACE study: Responses to ponatinib in CP-CML patients
  • Therapeutic innovation: allosteric inhibition of BCR-ABL1 by ABL001
  • Conclusion and perspective

This presentation is adapted from one given during the industry sponsored symposium at EHA.

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EHA Jane Apperley





Treatment Outcomes on Bosutinib: Data from the Real World
Jane Apperley, Imperial College, London, UK

  • Change in CML survival over time: German studies 
  • Patient pathways for tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Introduction of bosutinib into clinical practice
  • Real-World use of bosutinib: UK & Netherlands
  • Responses to bosutinib in chronic phase
  • Reasons for discontinuation of bosutinib
  • Disease progression
  • Adverse events on bosutinib
  • Overall survival
  • Summary and conclusions

This presentation is adapted from one given during the industry sponsored symposium at EHA.

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