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iCMLf Forum 2017 Webstreams 

iCMLf Forum Round tablesWebstreams of the presentations from the iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Regions 2017 are now available to view. This year's Forum focused on 'Perspectives on the management of CML'. iCMLf experts gave the global perspective followed by local emerging regions perspectives from Russia and Brazil and a discussion with the audience. 
A new highlight this year was the ‘Meet the expert’ session with small group discussions on the management of TKI’s exclusively for physicians from the emerging regions.

Topics include:

  1. Perspectives on Molecular Monitoring for CML 
    Associate Professor Susan Branford (Australia) and Dr Elza Lomaia (Russia) 
  2. Perspectives on Treatment Free Remission
    Professor Susanne Saußele (Germany) and Dr Katia Pagnano (Brazil)

Click on the presentations below to view the webstreams and see the slides.
(We are very grateful for the support of Brandcast media to produce these web streams) 





Prof Susan Branford

Associate Professor
Susan Branford
Adelaide, Australia

Perspectives on Molecular Monitoring for CML:
A global perspective

Topics include; molecular monitoring for best patient outcomes, milestone molecular responses in the first 12 months, ELN recommends repeat testing before changing therapy, trend of decline is an important prognostic factor, long-term molecular monitoring is recommended, a rise in a long term optimal responder may indicate non-adherence, frequent monitoring is associated with better adherence on TKI therapy and decreased risk of progression. 





Dr Elza Lomaia

Dr Elza Lomaia
St Petersburg, Russia

Perspectives on Molecular Monitoring in CML:
Perspectives from Russia

Topics include; CML patients outcome by CCyR in Russia, National guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of CML, the first Russian certified kit for RT-PCR of BCR-ABL, international standardization of Russian labs, challenges with MRD assessment, educational seminars to improve doctors adherence to guidelines.







Discussion 1


Q&A Session 1:
Perspectives on Molecular Monitoring for CML  

Moderated by Timothy Hughes, Chairman of the iCMLf                                       





Prof Susanne SaußeleProfessor Susanne Saußele
Mannheim, Germany

Perspectives on Treatment Free Remission:
A global perspective 

Topics include; cessation of tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment in CML, STIM trial: molecular recurrence-free survival, summary of imatinib TFR studies and other TFR studies, molecular recurrence-free vs. treatment-free survival, TKI withdrawal syndrome, prognostic indicators of sustained TFR, STOP 2G TKI study results, DADI trial: TFR after discontinuation of dasatinib, what about second stop?.








Dr Katia PagnanoDr Katia Pagnano
Campinas, Brazil

Perspectives on Treatment Free Remission:
Perspectives from Brazil

Topics include; outpatients public health system - Brazil procedure, discontinuation trials in Brazil including USP trial: imatinib discontinuation in patients with CML-CP with sustainded MR4log and EDI-PIO: pilot study of imatinb discontinuation in patients with CML with deep molecular response, barriers for TKI discontinuation in Brazil outside clinical trials. 










Discussion 2


Q&A Session 2:
Perspectives on Treatment Free Remission 

 Moderated by Timothy Hughes, Chairman of the iCMLf