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Giuseppe Saglio

February 2021 - We are delighted to announce that Professor Giuseppe Saglio, Professor of Haematology and Internal Medicine at the University of Turin (Italy) has been awarded the 2021 Goldman Prize. The annual Goldman Prize, awarded in honour of Professor John Goldman, acknowledges outstanding contributions to the management of patients with CML and Professor Saglio is universally regarded as one of the greatest experts in CML treatment.

Damira Bayzakova

February 2021 - The iCMLf Directors and Advisors have selected Dr Damira Bayzakova, a pediatric oncologist from the National Center of Oncology in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) as the 2021 iCMLf Prize winner. Dr Bayzakova has been awarded the prize posthumously for her efforts that greatly improved the monitoring and treatment of CML in Kyrgyzstan and to recognize her work and legacy. The iCMLf Prize recognizes outstanding contributions to the improvement of CML under the challenging conditions of low- and middle-income countries with unequal access to monitoring and access.

“Dr. Bayzakova was a CML specialist from Kyrgyzstan who tragically passed away in November 2020, due to complications of COVID-19. She dedicated her life to her patients and through her efforts greatly improved the treatment of CML in her country.” Pat Garcia-Gonzales, CEO, The Max Foundation

Logo World Cancer DayFebruary 2021 - Today is World Cancer Day. I Am and I Will.

WE ARE a global Foundation with the mission to improve the outcomes of patients with CML globally and WE WILL be working towards a cure for CML.

"There are currently estimated to be over 800,000 CML patients globally. CML is predicted to become the most prevalent leukaemia by 2040 when there are projected to be over 3 million patients worldwide. A concerted global effort working towards a cure is imperative.
The iCMLf is uniquely positioned to drive this effort.” 
(Tim Hughes, iCMLf Chairman)

Let’s create a future without CML. The time to act is now.

Learn more about the iCMLf CURE Consortium and how we bring interested parties together on specific projects under the banner of cure.


 DSC3463 KopieJanuary 2021 - Finding a cure for CML remains a long-term goal of the Foundation. In 2021 the iCMLf will not only continue to support the global CML community through the pandemic, but also shift our efforts back towards the iCMLf Cure Consortium once again.

As a first important step, we are allocating US$100,000 of iCMLf funds raised through the iCMLf Climb for a Cure and iCMLf Run.Ride.Cure to the iCMLf Treatment Free Remission (TFR) Alliance to establish a global registry of TFR cases, for the purpose of improving our understanding regarding the determinants of TFR.

The iCMLf is calling for applications to build and maintain a global registry of TFR cases, for the predominant purpose of improving our understanding regarding the determinants of TFR.

The call for expressions of interest is now closed.

CoronavirusJanuary 2021 - The iCMLf is sharing a statement on COVID-19 vaccines for people with CML.

iCMLf Forum Round tablesJanuary 2021 - We look forward to seeing you at our virtual Meet-the-expert Q&A Session this Wednesday January 27th at 3pm CET.

With this virtual Meet-the-expert Session we will bring the small round table discussions for physicians from the emerging regions at the iCMLf Forum into a new virtual setting.

During the session, you will have the chance to discuss your questions on CML management during a 45-min Q&A Session with renowned CML experts; Professor Jane Apperley, Professor Jerry Radich and Pat Garcia Gonzalez, CEO of The Max Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who already submitted their questions. Topics currently include: treatment free remission, fertility related to TKI treatment, COVID-19 and other concomitant diseases.

You can still submit your questions before the meeting by emailing or you can submit your questions via chat during the live webinar.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for the live Q&A Session.

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