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January 2020 - At the 21th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML in Bordeaux the iCMLf Directors awarded the Foundation’s 2019 prize medals. This was followed by keynote presentations from the three prize winners. You can view web streams of the Rowley Prize and the iCMLf Prize keynote presentations here. Unfortunately François-Xavier Mahon's presentation on 'Curing CML: To be, or not to be, that is the question' (Goldman Prize) is not available as a web stream.

Collage 2019 iCMLf Prizes


  • 2019 Rowley Prize: Professor Michael Deininger
  • 2019 Goldman Prize: Professor François-Xavier Mahon
  • 2019 iCMLf Prize: Dr Carolina Pavlovsky



Collage AORTIC 2019

January 2020 - Webstreams of the presentations from the first iCMLf Forum for African Physicians treating CML that took place on November 6th 2019 in Maputo (Mozambique) are now available to view. This first iCMLf Forum in Africa was presented in partnership with The Max Foundation and focused on overcoming the challenges of treating CML in Africa with perspectives from Tanzania, Ghana, Botswana and Nigeria.

Topics include:

  1. Monitoring CML in a low resource setting
    Dr Oliver Henke (Tanzania)
    Dr Amma Benneh-Akwasi Kuma (Ghana)
  2. Responsible management in the era of five TKIs
    Professor Tim Hughes (Australia) 
    Dr Anthony Oyekunle (Nigeria/Botswana)

Tim Hughes 2019 iCMLf ForumPerspectives on the future of CML, modelling response and re-evaluating TKI use in pregnancy from Russia and Brazil

January 2020 - On the iCMLf website you will now find webstreams of all the presentations held at the 2019 iCMLf Forum at ASH.

  • Perspectives on the future of CML 
    Professor Jorge Cortes (USA)
  • Modelling responses when testing less frequently than monthly
    Associate Professor Susan Branford (Australia)
  • Re-evaluating TKI use in pregnancy in 2019
    Dr Ekaterina Chelysheva (Russian Federation)
    Dr Carla Boquimpani (Brazil)

View the webstreams of the 2019 iCMLf Forum here

GoldmanPrize medal RGB reducDecember 2019 - Great progress has been made for patients with CML in recent years, but there are still many challenges to meet. Scientists and clinicians around the world continue to work hard to drive research in CML and to find a cure for CML.

We continue with our tradition to recognise and reward these personal contributions and outstanding achievements to our understanding of the biology of CML and to improving the management of patients with CML around the world.

Since the first iCMLf Rowley Prize was awarded to Professor Brian Druker in 2009, we have honoured 23 well-deserved award winners with the three specific iCMLf Prizes.

Who will be next? You are now welcome to nominate a colleague, or mentor for one of the 2020 prizes.

Mount Kilimanjaro has been climbed. CML can be cured.

IMG 20191104 WA0002December 2019 - Mount Kilimanjaro has been climbed! As some of you may have already heard, our amazing team of 26 climbers – researchers, doctors, patients and supporters from all over the world successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in November.

It was incredibly hard – both physically and mentally – and pushed us to our limits and beyond. But we were a strong team and had great support. We made it to the mountain, climbed and made it safely back home again.

Even more important: to date we have raised over $300,000 for the work of the Foundation.

John Goldman Conference on CML 2019November 2019 - We are pleased to share an overview of the recent John Goldman Conference on CML. You can view a comprehensive meeting summary from the perspective of the meeting chairman, Professor Jorge Cortes (with focus on the clinical aspects) and one of the co-chairs, Professor Daniela Krause (with focus on the scientific aspects).