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From now on, we want to introduce you to a member of the Climb for a cure: Mount Kilimanjaro Team every week. Today you can meet Peter McDonald. He is Senior Communications Officer at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide and will take on Climb for a cure: Mount Kilimanjaro to raise urgenty needed funds for the iCMLf. 

Peter McDonald'This time last year, I don’t think I’d ever heard of CML. In August 2018, I joined the SA Health and Medical Research Institute where, as a storyteller, I was instantly captured by the tale of Professor Tim Hughes’ (and colleagues’) fight – and successes – against this terrible condition. 

I’ll never save anyone’s life, but I’m energised by the opportunity to play a small part in helping the work of those who can.

You can help too with a donation. ALL proceeds raised go directly to the quest for a CML cure'

(Peter McDonald)

 About Pete's training activities

Slow and steady wins the race, they say, and I’m hoping that’s true. I have worked a lot of extra activity into my life recently, but was coming off an INCREDIBLY low base.

I now only climb the stairs at work rather than take the lift. I play old man football on Wednesday nights. I ride to work each Friday. I swim each Saturday morning while the kids are having their swimming lessons. And I try to get out for a decent hike through the hills at least once a month. I plan to really ramp things up as we get closer to go-time.

About Pete's fundraising activities
01 IMG 1712 KopieMost of my fundraising has been peer-to-peer via social media so far. Whenever someone donates I photoshop (poorly) my head onto a pic of the donor as a “thank you”, while encouraging others to donate (examples attached).

Together with Tim Hughes and Nicola Evans, I’ve hosted a fundraising bbq at the local hardware store, and will host another (there was a lot of leftovers …) at work on the Thursday before Easter.

We are planning a high-end fundraising lunch for mid-year and possibly a farewell cocktail party fundraiser in September.

Support Peter McDonald's Climb for a cure and donate here










FirstTestThe iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program offers seeding grants to hematology institutions in emerging economic regions. The aim of the program is to facilitate the diagnosis, testing and long-term disease monitoring of CML patients in emerging economic regions where it is either limited, or not currently available.

Over six years the iCMLf have awarded 48 grants to enable CML diagnostics to be expanded and enhanced at a local level. This gives both physicians and patients the knowledge to make meaningful decisions on treatment. In 2018 the Foundation will offer 10 grants with funding of up to $10,000.

Applications will close on the 30th of July 2018. Proposals are welcome to
Read more for further information on how to apply.