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16th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML: 

Insights into biology and treatment of CML

From September 4-7, 2014 around 523 key clinicians and researchers from 45 different countries gathered in Philadelphia during the 16th John Goldman Conference on CML to discuss progress in the biology and therapy of CML. The conference, co-sponsored by the iCMLf and the European School of Haematology, again presented latest research findings from both a biological and a scientific perspective: “I was honoured to chair this premier CML meeting and it is amazing to see what we can achieve if clinicians and scientists with a strong CML focus bring together their expertise and jointly discuss their recent research results.” said Professor Jorge Cortes who chaired the meeting together with Professor Tessa Holyoake and Professor Tim Hughes.

Janet Rowley & John Goldman special CML Colloquium during EHA:
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EHA Colloqu Goldman Rowley

During the 19th Congress of EHA in Milan a Special CML Colloquium titled "Classic Hallmarks and Optimizing Clinical Management"was organised by the Alpine Oncology Foundation, the European Hematology Association (EHA) and the iCMLf. This Special CML Meeting was dedicate to the late Janet Rowley and John Goldman, both passionate pioneers in CML research. "Both have been remarkable in being at the frontier in CML research and their discoveries put them into a central position within the scientific community with so many patients benefiting from their achievements", said Tim Hughes, chair of the iCMLf during his opening remarks at the meeting.