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Save-the-date for the 21st Annual John Goldman Conference on CML: Biology and Therapy 

JGM 2019

Bordeaux - September 12-15, 2019

Chairs: J. Cortes, T.P. Hughes, D.S. Krause

Registration for the meeting is now open. To register click here.
You can access the preliminary program here

A prestigious faculty will address topics of high transversal interest to the International CML scientific community. 

The program will include:

  • iCMLf Prize ceremonies and key lectures
    • Janet Rowley Prize  (Michael Deininger)
    • John Goldman Prize (François-Xavier Mahon)
    • iCMLf Prize (Carolina Pavlovsky)
  • Other special lectures
    • Brian Druker (Portland): Perspectives on the development of TKI and its impact on our current understanding of CML
    • Sten Eirik Jacobsen (Stockholm): Stem cell hierarchy
    • Jeff Miller (Minneapolis): NK Cells
    • James DeGregori (Aurora): Adaptive oncogenesis
  • John Goldman Conferene Special Symposium 2019 
    Mechanisms of resistance to target-specific agents
    • Michael Deininger (Salt Lake City): TKI resistance in CML: is it all about mutations?
    • Andrew Intlekofer (New York): Elucidating mechanisms of response and resistance to mutant IDH inhibitors
    • Neil Shah (San Francisco): Mechanisms of resistance to FLT3 inhibitors and how to overcome them
    • Guy Sauvageau (Montreal): Even venetoclax can fail! How does it happen?
    • Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko (Philadelphina): How lymphoid malignancies escape CART cells
  • Pharmaco-economics
    • François-Xavier Mahon (Bordeaux): How TFR may impact on economics in the long term
    • Antoine Benard (Bordeaux): Budget impact analysis of discontinuing tyrosine kinase inhibitors in patients with CML achieving a complete molecular response by using probabilistic Markov approach
  • Meet the Expert Sessions
    • Tim Hughes (Adelaide): How I treat CML
    • Neil Shah (San Francisco) and Shinya Kimura (Saga): Treatment Free Remission
    • Michael Mauro (New York) and Jeff Lipton (Toronto): TKI cardiovascular toxicity
    • Sten Eirik Jacobsen (Stockholm): Hematopoietic stem cell heterogeneity
  •  Workshops for non-clinical scientists 2019
    • Metabolism / Mitochondrial function in HSC and LSC (Chairs: Vignir Helgason (Glasgow) / Ravi Bhatia (Birmingham)
    • Role of inflammation in CML/MPN's (Chairs: Tim Brümmendorf (Aachen) / Rebekka Schneider-Kramann (Rotterdam)
  • Tutored Poster Walks
    • Leaders: Bob Gale (London) / Gianantonio Rosti (Bologna)
  • iCMLf John Goldman Fun Run on Sunday morning

Presentation of data at this conference will not jeopardize acceptance of the same at the following ASH congress.

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