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Keynote presentations from the recipients of the 2015 iCMLf Prizes

At the 17th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML the iCMLf Directors awarded the Foundation’s prize medals. This was followed by keynote presentations from the three prize winners. You can view web streams of the keynote presentations here as part of the iCMLf Virtual Education Program.

Collage prize winners 2015



  • 2015 Rowley Prize: Professor Richard Van Etten
  • 2015 John Goldman Prize: Professor Michele Baccarani
  • 2015 ERSAP Prize: Pat Garcia-Gonzalez (The MAX Foundation)

iCMLf Expert Opinions

This section provides you with a selection of expert opinions from leaders in the field. 

You will find interviews with CML experts providing their personal perspectives on highlights from scientific meetings and latest scientific advancements as well as keynote presentations from iCMLf prize winners. The topics featured cover a broad range of issues from CML science to clinical practice.  


Highlights from EHA 2016:
3 CML experts give their personal perspectives

This independent educational resource is supported by a grant from Novartis Oncology

Perspectives from Prof. Michele Baccarani
Chairman of CML Working Party of European LeukemiaNet,
Founding member of the iCMLf, Università di Bologa, Italy

  • The unmet needs in CML
  • Pathways to treatment free response
  • Next generation sequencing - the impact on future treatment decision making

Further Expert opinions

We are pleased to share additional expert opinions on various CML related topics with you here:


Clinical Care Options (CCO)

Clinical Care Options (CCO) provides interactive online and live CME-certified continuing medical education (CME) programs and proprietary medical education technologies for healthcare professionals. Click here for information on CCO:

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We are pleased to share their recent CML modules below: