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David Ross Devendra Hiwase Michael Osborn                    

Session 4: CML related topics
Chair: Dr David Ross

  • Myelofibrosis Management
    (Dr David Ross)
  • MPN/MDS Overlap Syndrome
    (Dr David Ross)
  • Pediatric CML
    (Dr Michael Osborn)



IMG 9703 John Reynolds

David Ross Timothy Hughes                    

Session 5: The CML frontier
Chair: Prof Timothy Hughes

  • Biostats primer for CML clinicians
    (A/Prof John Reynolds)
  • TFR trial update
    (Dr David Ross)
  • Making TFR mainstream
    (Prof Timothy Hughes)


-- Virtual Education Program: 2019 Edition


Presentations from the COLT Meeting 2019

We are pleased to make available a series of presentations from the COLT Meeting 2019, a CML Opinion Leader Training that took place in Adelaide (Australia). Topics cover; CML therapy - state of science, management of CML, practicalities and monitoring TFR and Ph+ALL.

Timothy Hughes

David Yeung 3 Devendra Hiwase

Session 1: CML therapy - state of science
Chair: Prof. Tim Hughes

  • Frontline Therapy for CML 
    (Prof Tim Hughes)
  • When frontline therapy fails
    (Dr David Yeung)
  • CML - Beyond chronic phase
    (Dr Devendra Hiwase)




David Yeung 3 Susan Branford                    

Session 2: CML Management, Practicalities
Chair: Dr David Yeung

  • Managing TKI toxicities
    (Dr Naranie Shanmuganathan)
  • Allograft - still a role in CML?
    (Dr David Yeung)
  • Molecular monitoring
    (A/Prof Susan Branford)



Susan Branford


David Yeung 3                  


Session 3: Monitoring TFR and Ph+ ALL
Chair: Dr Naranie Shanmunagathan

  • Monitoring TFR - Challenges 
    (A/Prof Susan Branford)
  • Ph+ ALL
    (Dr David Yeung)


Presentations from the 24rd Congress of EHA 

We are pleased to make available a couple of presentations on various aspects of CML management that were first presented at the 24rd Congress of the European Hematology Association in Amsterdam. Presentations include; CML treatment in the era of operational cure: considerations for therapy selection; current treatment approaches in CML, The future of CML therapy: unmet medical needs and new treatments in development, TKI safety and special aspects in children.