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  • Presentations from the EHA2022 Congress

  • EHA 2022: Mechanisms of disease progression in chronic myeloid leukemia (S. Tiong Ong)

  • EHA 2022: Non-BCR-ABL1 biomarkers of prognosis in CML (Shady Awad)

  • COLT Meeting 2019: CML related topics

  • COLT Meeting 2019: The CML frontier


    Jorge Cortes 2013                     Prof. Jorge Cortes                             



        Session 2: Optimizing Therapy in CML

    • Evolution of frontline therapy in CML
    • Treatment outcomes for different time periods
    • Factors predicting optimal response
    • Treatment choices in CML including 2nd/3rd generation of TKI's
    • Risks and outcomes after treatment discontinuation