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Keynote presentations from the recipients of the 2017 iCMLf Prizes

At the 19th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML in Estoril the iCMLf Directors awarded the Foundation’s 2017 prize medals. This was followed by keynote presentations from the three prize winners. You can view web streams of the keynote presentations here.

iCMLf Prize recipients 2017



  • 2017 Goldman Prize: Professor Timothy Hughes
  • 2017 iCMLf Prize: Professor Jerald Radich
  • 2017 Rowley Prize: Professor Tessa Holyoake 

At Tessa’s request, her keynote was presented by Mhairi Copland, Professor of Translational Haematology at the Paul O’ Gorman Leukemia Research Center at the University of Glasgow.


JGC2017 Mhairi Kopie




Keynote Rowley Prize 2017:
CML stem cells: from discovery to targeting
Professor Mhairi Copland
Paul O’ Gorman Leukemia Research Center at the University of Glasgow (UK)

  • 1999: Quiescent LSC exists in all patients
  • 2002: Effect on imatinib on proliferating vs quiescent Ph+CD34+ cells
  • 2003: Persistence of CML stem cells in patients with CCyR on imatinib
  • 2006: Reversing quiescence as a putative treatment strategy
  • CU-GIMI: Controlled Unblinded G-CSF and Imatinib Mesylate Intermittently
  • 2009: CU-GIMI 2 years follow-up
  • 2013: CU-GIMI 5 years follow-up
  • 2012: CML LSC ar not dependent on BCR-ABL kinase activity
  • 2010-15: Key survival pathways in CML stem cells and novel approaches to their eradication
  • Precision medicine in CML - clinical trial design




JGC2017 Hughes Kopie




Keynote Goldman Prize 2017:
From safe haven to functional cure
Professor Timothy Hughes
SAHRMI, University of Adelaide, SA Pathology / Royal Adelaide Hospital (Australia)

  • Can we further improve CML outcomes?
  • Can we reliably determine when a patient can stop therapy?
  • Is TFR a mainstream aspiration?
  • How safe is TFR in the long term?
  • Summary



JGC2017 Radich Kopie   

Keynote iCMLf Prize 2017:
WEIRD solutions to real world problems
Professor Jerald Radich
Red Hutchinson Center Center, Seattle (USA)

  • Monitoring in low ressource settings
  • Development of an integrated assay for detection of BCR-ABL RNA
  • Case studies from Ethopia and Usbekistan
  • GeneExpert placement map
  • Paper PCR or plastic?
  • RNA BCR-ABL testing
  • WHO recommendations for diagnostic devices
  • What is next? Outlook on further developments

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