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EHA 2019 Branford

NGS in CML - New Standard Diagnostic Procedure?
Associate Professor Susan Branford, Centre for Cancer Biology Adelaide, Australia 

  • CML is a genetically uniform disease: BCR-ABL1
  • Catalogue of somatic mutations in cancer: COSMIC
  • Sanger sequencing is impractical for broad discovery
  • Association of mutated cancer genes and transformation
  • New therapies for BC based on mutation profile
  • Other genes not listed in the cancer gene census?
  • Multiple genomic events may impact outcome

This talk was first presented during the Education Session on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia at EHA. You will find more education materials from EHA at the EHA Learning Centre. 

-- Virtual Education Program: 2018 Edition


Presentations from the COLT Meeting 2018

We are pleased to make available a series of presentations from the COLT Meeting 2018, a CML Opinion Leader Training that took place in Adelaide (Australia). Topics cover; CML therapy - state of science, practicalities on CML management, TFR in CML, CML related topics and the CML frontier.

Timothy Hughes.pngDavid Yeung 3Devendra Hiwase



Session 1: CML therapy - state of science
Chair: Prof. Tim Hughes

  • CML - current clinical issues
    and future directions 
    (Prof Tim Hughes)
  • When frontline therapy fails
    (Dr David Yeung)
  • CML - Beyond chronic phase
    (Dr Devendra Hiwase)



Susan BranfordAgnes YONG w labcoat1  




Session 2: CML management, Practicalities
Chair: Prof. Tim Hughes

  • Molecular monitoring in CML
    (A/Prof Susan Branford)
  • Allograft - still a role in CML?
    (A/Prof Agnes Yong)



Susan Branford


David Ross David Yeung 3                  


Session 3: TFR in CML
Chair: Dr David Ross

  • Monitoring TFR - Challenges 
    (A/Prof Susan Branford)
  • TFR in CML - Clinical Trial Update
    (Dr David Ross)
  • Response definitions and endpoint determination 
    in CML clinical trials
    (Dr David Yeung)



David Ross


Devendra Hiwase Michael Osborn              


Session 4: CML Related Topics
Chair: A/Prof Agnes Yong

  • Management of Myelofibrosis
    (Dr David Ross)
  • MDS/MPN Overlap Syndrome
    (Dr Devendra Hiwase)
  • Pediatric CML
    (Dr Michael Osborn)



Timothy Hughes                            


Deborah White Agnes YONG w labcoat1              


Session 5: The CML frontier
Chair: Dr David Yeung

  • Making TFR Mainstream
    (Prof. Tim Hughes)
  • Prognostic biomarkers in CML
    (Prof. Deborah White)
  • The immunology of CML and immunomodulation
    (A/Prof Agnes Yong)