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Presentations from the 23rd Congress of EHA 

EHA 2018 Réa

TFR - a new treatment goal of CP-CML patients?
Dr Delphine Réa, Centre-Hospitalo-Universitaire Saint-Louis, Paris, France 

  • Lessons from clinical trials: TKI discontinuation in CP-CML is feasible
  • Deep-molecular responses: definitions
  • Clinical practice: patient case
  • Deep-molecular responses during 1st line TKI treatment
  • TKI discontinuation in CP-CML: transition from trials to standard practice
  • TKI withdrawal syndrome during the treatment-free phase
  • Recommendations for standard practice: definitions and management of relapses
  • Conclusion 1: Evolving treatment goals
  • Conclusion 2: TKI discontinuation in standard practice

We are very grateful for the support of Brandcast media to produce these webstreams.

 -- Virtual Education Program: 2017 Edition


Presentations from a CML Opinion Leader Meeting

We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations from the COLT Meeting 2017, a CML Opinion Leader Training that took place in Adelaide (Australia). Modules currently featured include; frontline CML, TKI resistance/failure, future directions for CML, CML related topics and the CML frontier - all presented by leaders in the field. 

Collage COLT 2017 Session 5

Prof. Timothy Hughes     Dr Agnes Yong



Session 5: The CML frontier
  • Making TFR mainstream 
    (Prof. Timothy Hughes)
  • The immunology of CML and immunomodulation
    (Dr Agnes Yong)





       Dr Naranie Shanmuganathan



 Session 4: CML related topics

  • Managing TKI toxicities 
    (Dr Naranie Shanmuganathan)



Collage VEP Ross White

  Dr David Ross     Dr Deborah White




 Session 3: Future directions for CML

  • TFR trial update 
    (Dr David Ross)
  • Biomarkers and response prediction 
    in CML
    (Dr Deborah White)


Presentations from the 19th John Goldman Conference on CML

We are pleased to make available a couple presentations recorded during the scientific sessions at the 19th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML in Estoril. Presentations currently featured include response to front-line imatinib treatment in children and adolescents and factors affecting adherence in CML and ways to improvement. More presentations will be made available over the next couple of weeks.

VEP Suttorp

Response to front-line imatinib treatment in children and adolescents with CML -
data from a large pediatric cohort
Meinolf Suttorp, University Hospital Dresden, Germany 

  • Study design
  • Hematological findings at diagnosis
  • Imatinib dose, monitoring, and methods
  • Cytogenetic response in patients with CML-CP
  • Molecular response in patients with CML-CP
  • Impairment of growth in pediatric patients on imatinib
  • Probability of PFS in patients diagnosed in CML-CP
  • Summary

Marc Delord






Burden of CML in China and India:
The rising incidence and prevalance of the disease
Marc Delord, Université Paris Diderot, France 

  • Basic CML epidemiology
  • India and China demographics
  • Incidence of CML in India and China
  • Prevalence of CML in India and China
  • Conclusions and perspectives