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Jana Pelouchova






Factors influencing adherence in CML and ways to improvement:
Results from a patient-driven survey of 2,546 patients in 63 countries
Jana Pelouchová, European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), Czech Republic 

  • CML Advocates Network: Patients creating scientific evidence
  • Why this study?
  • Where are we now?
  • Truly global research: 2,546 patients from 63 countries
  • Validated adherence scales to classify patients into levels of adherence
  • Results on adherence levels
  • What can we do to drive adherence?
  • Conclusions


David Yeung 3Devendra HiwaseAgnes YONG w labcoat1

Dr David Yeung        Dr Devendra Hiwase     Dr Agnes Yong



Session 2: TKI resistance / failure

  • When frontline therapy fails 
    (Dr David Yeung)
  • CML - beyond chronic phase
    (Dr Devendra Hiwase)
  • Allograft - still a role in CML?
    (Dr Agnes Yong)



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VEP Soverini







Mutation Screening:
What is standard of care today and the role of new modalities
Simona Soverini, University of Bologna, Italy 

  • BCR-ABL kinase domain (KD) mutation for optimal patient management
  • When to perform BCR-ABL KD mutation analysis
  • How to perform BCR-ABL KD mutation analysis
  • BCR-ABL KD mutation screening: key issues
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS): applications
  • NGS for routine BCR-ABL mutatation testing: when?
  • NGS for routine BCR-ABL mutation screening: hurdles
  • Conclusions

Timothy Hughes.png

Prof. Tim Hughes


 Session 1: Frontline CML

  • Current clinical issues 
    (Prof. Tim Hughes)



VEP Mahon 





Stopping TKI therapy in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Francois-Xavier Mahon, Hospital University of Bordeaux, France 

  • What are the criteria for stopping treatment?
  • What is the definition of molecular relapse triggering re-treatment?
  • Is it safe to stop treatment?
  • Can we cure CML?

VEP Suttorp                

Treating pediatric Chronic Myeloid Leukemia - an update
Meinolf Suttorp, University Hospital Dresden, Germany 

  • Age specific incidence of CML
  • Value of adult scores in pediatric patients
  • Guidelines for the management of CML in children 
  • Compliance issues with pediatric patients
  • Side effects of TKI treatment in pediatric cohorts