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EHA Jane Apperley





Treatment Outcomes on Bosutinib: Data from the Real World
Jane Apperley, Imperial College, London, UK

  • Change in CML survival over time: German studies 
  • Patient pathways for tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Introduction of bosutinib into clinical practice
  • Real-World use of bosutinib: UK & Netherlands
  • Responses to bosutinib in chronic phase
  • Reasons for discontinuation of bosutinib
  • Disease progression
  • Adverse events on bosutinib
  • Overall survival
  • Summary and conclusions

This presentation is adapted from one given during the industry sponsored symposium at EHA.

-- Virtual Education Program: 2016 Edition

We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations on modern diagnostics in CML that were first presented at the 'Clinical Symposium on Modern Diagnostics' during the 18th John Goldman Conference on CML in Houston in 2016. Modules currently featured include; The role of cytogenetic monitoring in CML management, Molecular monitoring in CML, Mutation screening and Biomarkers and response monitoring beyond PCR. 


Jorge Cortes 2013                          


The role of cytogenetic monitoring in CML management
Jorge Cortes - MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas

  • Cytogenetic evaluation in CML
  • Cytogenetic clonal evolution
  • Additional chromosomal abnormalities in CML
  • Response to TKI by additional chromosomal abnormalities
  • Cytogenetic abnormalities in PH(1) metaphases
  • Additional cytogenetic abnormalities in CML-CP on TKI
  • Additional cytogenetic abnormalitites in 5q-MDS

-- Virtual Education Program: 2015 Edition 


Presentations from a CML Opinion Leader Meeting

We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations from the COLT Meeting 2014, an annual CML Opinion Leader Training that took place in Adelaide (Australia). Modules currently featured include; high risk CML, optimizing therapy, front line therapy in CML chronic phase and new developments in CML - all presented by leaders in the field. 

David RossAgnes YONG w labcoat1

Dr David Ross            Dr Agnes Yong


Session 4: New developments in CML

  • Is CML a curable disease? 
    (Dr David Ross)
  • Transplant and immunotherapy in CML
    (Dr Agnes Yong)


Deborah White                                                                




Biomarkers and response monitoring beyond PCR?
Deborah White - SAHMRI, University of Adelaide

  • Predictive biomarkers
  • Cytokines, growth factors and chemokines: TGF and IL6
  • KIR2DS1 genotype and inferior cytogenetic response: SPIRIT1
  • CIP2A and response
  • Imatinib drug levels and compliance




Collage COLT Session3

     A/Prof. Branford       Prof. Hughes





Session 3: High risk CML

  • Mechanisms of resistance to TKI therapy 
    (A/Prof. Susan Branford)
  • When frontline TKI therapy fails
    (Prof. Timothy Hughes)



 We are very grateful for the support of Brandcast media to produce this web stream
VEP Müller







Molecular monitoring in CML - getting to a safe place
Martin C. Müller, Institute for Hematology and Oncology (IHO) and Medical Faculty Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, Germany 

  • What do we consider safe?
  • Cytogenetic and molecular monitoring: European LeukemiaNet recommendations
  • Molecular monitoring every 3 months - enough for all patients?
  • Achieving deep remissions
  • Definitions of molecular response
  • Compliance check
  • Conclusions