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 -- Virtual Education Program: 2017 Edition


Presentations from a CML Opinion Leader Meeting

We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations from the COLT Meeting 2017, a CML Opinion Leader Training that took place in Adelaide (Australia). Modules currently featured include; frontline CML, TKI resistance/failure, future directions for CML, CML related topics and the CML frontier - all presented by leaders in the field. 

Collage COLT 2017 Session 5

Prof. Timothy Hughes     Dr Agnes Yong



Session 5: The CML frontier
  • Making TFR mainstream 
    (Prof. Timothy Hughes)
  • The immunology of CML and immunomodulation
    (Dr Agnes Yong)



Timothy Hughes



Making TFR mainstreamn
Professor Timothy Hughes- SAHMRI / University of Adelaide / Royal Adelaide Hospital

  • TFR in the Australasian CML8 trial of imatinib withdrawal
  • Kaplan-Meier estimate of TFR defined as loss of MMR or defined as loss of CMR
  • Future focus of CML studies: maximising achievement of TFR
  • When to consider a trial of cessation
  • Trial of cessation attempts and TFR based on TKI exposure: Adelaide experience
  • TARGET - Real world data
  • Clinical studies


Agnes YONG w labcoat1  

The immunology of CML and immunomodulation
Dr Agnes Yong - SAHMRI / SA Pathology, Universities of Adelaide and South Australia

  • Are leukaemia-associated antigen specific T cells relevant in CML?
  • Are NK cells important in CML disease control?
  • Are immune suppressor T regs and MDSCs relevant?
  • Are B cells important in CML?