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David Ross


Devendra Hiwase Michael Osborn              


Session 4: CML Related Topics
Chair: A/Prof Agnes Yong

  • Management of Myelofibrosis
    (Dr David Ross)
  • MDS/MPN Overlap Syndrome
    (Dr Devendra Hiwase)
  • Pediatric CML
    (Dr Michael Osborn)



David Ross



Management of Myelofibrosis
Dr David Ross, SA Pathology / Universities of Adelaide and South Australia

  • COMFORT trials
  • Dosing guidance
  • Important toxicities
  • Interrupting or stopping treatment
  • Patient population outside COMFORT trials
    • INT-1 and low-risk
    • Pre- and post-transplant
  • Other JAK inhibitors



Devendra Hiwase  

MDS/MPN Overlap Syndrome
Dr Devendra Hiwase, SA Pathology / Royal Adelaide Hospital / SAHMRI

  • How is MDS diagnosed?
  • MDS/MPN overlap
  • MDS/MPN's: WHO subtypes
  • CMML: diagnostic criteria
  • Cytogenetic abnomalities in CMML
  • Common genetic mutations in CMML
  • Current therapeutic strategies in CMML
  • WHO diagnostic criteria for aCML
  • Diagnosis of aCML
  • Treatment algorithms for aCML
  • Chronic neutrophilic leukemia

Michael Osborn


Pediatric CML
Dr Michael Osborn - Royal Adelaide Hospital

  • CML is different in children and adults
  • Clinical presentation is different in children and adults
  • Adult prognostic scores do not apply to children
  • Imatinib in children with CML
  • Dasatinib in children with CML
  • Nilotinib in children with CML
  • What about stem cell transplant?
  • Can we stop TKI in children with deep response?