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Timothy Hughes                            


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Session 5: The CML frontier
Chair: Dr David Yeung

  • Making TFR Mainstream
    (Prof. Tim Hughes)
  • Prognostic biomarkers in CML
    (Prof. Deborah White)
  • The immunology of CML and immunomodulation
    (A/Prof Agnes Yong)



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Making TFR mainstream
Prof Timothy Hughes, SAHMRI / University of Adelaide & South Australia

  • The TFR journey
  • Is it truly safe? What are the known and unknown risks?
  • EURO-SKI study
  • TKI treatment and MR4 duration
  • Institutional requirements for safe supervision of TFR
  • TFR recommendations including patient cases
  • Conclusions
  • TARGET - Real world data on treatment discontinuation



Deborah White  

Prognostic biomarkers in CML
Professor Deborah White, SAHMRI

  • Predictive biomarkers
  • Chemokines, cytokines and growth factors
  • KIR genotypes
  • CIP2A
  • Drug transporters
  • Genomics
  • Drug monitoring and compliance
  • Summary

Agnes YONG w labcoat1


Immunology of CML and Immunomodulation
A/Prof. Agnes Yong - SAHMRI / University of Adelaide

  • The graft versus leukemia effect
  • Are leukemia-associated antigen specific T cells relevant in CML?
  • Are NK cells important in CML disease control?
  • Are immune suppressors T rep and MDSs relevant?
  • Are B cells important in CML?
  • Immune predictors of TFR success
  • Can TFR success be improved by immunomodulation?
  • Summary