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IMG 9703 John Reynolds

David Ross Timothy Hughes                    

Session 5: The CML frontier
Chair: Prof Timothy Hughes

  • Biostats primer for CML clinicians
    (A/Prof John Reynolds)
  • TFR trial update
    (Dr David Ross)
  • Making TFR mainstream
    (Prof Timothy Hughes)



IMG 9703 John Reynolds



Biostats primer for CML clinicians
A/Prof John Reynolds, AlfredHealth / Monash University

  • Clinical trials and protocole development
  • Inference and precision-making - The P-value controversy
  • The future - some 'new' statistic tool


David Ross  

TFR in CML - Clinical trials update
Dr David Ross - SA Pathology / University of South Australia

  • Treatment-free remission
  • TFR experience
  • Second TFR
  • Predictors of TFR

Timothy Hughes



Making TFR mainstream
Prof. Timothy Hughes, SAHMRI/University of Adelaide

  • The TFR Journey
  • Risks associated with TFR
  • TKI treatment and MR4 duration
  • TKI recommendation