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Collage COLT Session3

     A/Prof. Branford       Prof. Hughes





Session 3: High risk CML

  • Mechanisms of resistance to TKI therapy 
    (A/Prof. Susan Branford)
  • When frontline TKI therapy fails
    (Prof. Timothy Hughes)



Susan Branford COLT 2014



Mechanisms of Resistance to TKI Therapy

A./Prof. Susan Branford - Centre for Cancer & Biology, Universities of Adelaide and South Australia

  • BCR-ABL 1 mutations as the most common mechanism of resistance
  • BCR-ABL 1 mutations as indicator for complete non-adherence to therapy
  • Importance of long-term molecular monitoring to monitor adherence
  • Inherited factors to modify response to TKI's
  • Predictors of primary imatinib resistance


NEW PHOTO Hughes T 02-mod2


When Frontline TKI Therapy Fails
Prof. Timothy Hughes - SA Pathology, University of Adelaide

  • Comparative efficacy after failure of 2nd generation TKI's
  • Consensus of expert opinion on TKI nextline choices
  • Selecting the best TKI after failure of 2nd generation TKI's
  • Adherence and molecular response
  • Characteristic BCR-ABL 1 kinetics in clinical situations
  • Case studies