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-- Virtual Education Program: 2015 Edition 


Presentations from a CML Opinion Leader Meeting

We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations from the COLT Meeting 2014, an annual CML Opinion Leader Training that took place in Adelaide (Australia). Modules currently featured include; high risk CML, optimizing therapy, front line therapy in CML chronic phase and new developments in CML - all presented by leaders in the field. 

David RossAgnes YONG w labcoat1

Dr David Ross            Dr Agnes Yong


Session 4: New developments in CML

  • Is CML a curable disease? 
    (Dr David Ross)
  • Transplant and immunotherapy in CML
    (Dr Agnes Yong)



David Ross



Is CML a curable disease?

Dr David Ross - SA Pathology, University of Adelaide

  • Discussion on 'cure' in CML treatment
  • Complete molecular response in CML
  • Allografting
  • Stopping imatinib
  • Results from the ALLG CML8 study
  • Stopping of 2G TKI 
  • Dasatinib after imatinib failure


Agnes YONG w labcoat1


Transplant and immunotherapy in CML
Dr Agnes Yong - SA Pathology, University of Adelaide

  • Overview of allogeneic stem cell transplantation in CML
  • Which CML patient needs transplant?
  • Which conditioning regime for alloSCT?
  • Role of TKI's after transplant
  • Future directions: immunotherapy
  • Leukemia associated antigens
  • Immunotherapy targeting single protein