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-- Virtual Education Program: 2016 Edition

We are pleased to make available a new series of presentations on modern diagnostics in CML that were first presented at the 'Clinical Symposium on Modern Diagnostics' during the 18th John Goldman Conference on CML in Houston in 2016. Modules currently featured include; The role of cytogenetic monitoring in CML management, Molecular monitoring in CML, Mutation screening and Biomarkers and response monitoring beyond PCR. 


Jorge Cortes 2013                          


The role of cytogenetic monitoring in CML management
Jorge Cortes - MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas

  • Cytogenetic evaluation in CML
  • Cytogenetic clonal evolution
  • Additional chromosomal abnormalities in CML
  • Response to TKI by additional chromosomal abnormalities
  • Cytogenetic abnormalities in PH(1) metaphases
  • Additional cytogenetic abnormalities in CML-CP on TKI
  • Additional cytogenetic abnormalitites in 5q-MDS