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EHA Delphine Rea






Factors affecting clinical decision making in refractory and relapsed CP-CML patients
Delphine Réa, Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Saint-Louis, Paris, France

  • TKI resistance: significance and definition 
  • BCR-ABL1 mutations and resistance to imatinib and 2nd generation TKI's
  • Failure of 1st and 2nd generation TKI's
  • Mortality and causes of death in CP-CML patients during 2nd or subsequent line TKI
  • Responses to 3rd line therapy after resistance or intolerance to 2nd generation TKI
  • 5-year results from the PACE study: Responses to ponatinib in CP-CML patients
  • Therapeutic innovation: allosteric inhibition of BCR-ABL1 by ABL001
  • Conclusion and perspective

This presentation is adapted from one given during the industry sponsored symposium at EHA.