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Mount Kilimanjaro has been climbed. CML can be cured.

IMG 20191104 WA0002 Mount Kilimanjaro has been climbed! In 2019 the iCMLf undertook a unique charity challenge to raise funds for the iCMLf CURE CONSORTIUM The funds raised will play an integral role in getting closer to a cure for CML. An amazing team of 26 climbers – researchers, doctors, patients and supporters from all over the world raised over $300,000 for the work of the Foundation. From 26 October to 3 November the Climb for a cure team sucessfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. The youngest climber was 18 years old, a CML patient from Germany.

$304,464 total funds raised by the Climb for a Cure team

26 participants from all over the world including Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South America and USA

Click here to see our Climb for a Cure Mount Kilimanjaro video

Thanks to the funds raised we now begin projects within the iCMLf Genomics Alliance to investigate the role particular somatic mutations play in clinical outcomes. We also have seed funding for the new iCMLf TFR Alliance, which will look at predictive biomarkers for patients wanting to achieve treatment free remission.

These are important first steps on the long road to finding a cure for CML. It's just like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Step by step, we come closer to our goal: a cure for CML.