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Watch this space for iCMLf Conversations in 2022

More information will be provided soon.

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The iCMLf is hosting monthly 'iCMLf Conversations on CML' with expert live discussions on various topics in CML management. On this page you will find recordings from past conversations with renowned CML experts that cover a wide range of topics like;

  • Higlights of ASH 2021
  • Highlights of the John Goldman E-Conference 2021
  • CML biology related to TFR
  • CML and pregnancy
  • CML highlights of EHA 2021
  • CML and COVID-19: What do we know so far?
  • Treatment-free remission in children with CML
  • COVID-19 vaccines and CML
  • Virtual iCMLf Forum: Meet-the-expert Session
  • CML highlights from ASH 2020
  • Treatment-free remission
  • Current research in CML
  • 2020 ELN recommendations

Watch out for more expert discussions in the next couple of weeks.

Collage Branford Chuah

Panel of experts:

Professor Susan Branford
SA Pathology, Centre for Cancer Biology,
Adelaide (Australia)

Associate Professor
Charles Chuah Thuan Heng
Singapore General Hospital (Singapore) 

Jorge Cortes 2013


Professor Jorge Cortes
Georgia Cancer Centre, Augusta (USA)

Daniela Krause


Professor Daniela Krause
Research Group Leader at Georg Speyer Haus / Goethe University, Frankfurt (Germany)