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iCMLf Forum Round tables

We look forward to seeing you at our virtual Meet-the-expert Q&A Session this Wednesday January 27th at 3pm CET.

With this virtual Meet-the-expert Session we will bring the small round table discussions for physicians from the emerging regions at the iCMLf Forum into a new virtual setting.

During the session, you will have the chance to discuss your questions on CML management during a 45-min Q&A Session with renowned CML experts; Professor Jane Apperley, Professor Jerry Radich and Pat Garcia Gonzalez, CEO of The Max Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who already submitted their questions. Topics currently include: treatment free remission, fertility related to TKI treatment, COVID-19 and other concomitant diseases.

You can still submit your questions before the meeting by emailing or you can submit your questions via chat during the live webinar.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for the live Q&A Session.

How to join …

Professor Susan Branford
SA Pathology / University of South Australia

Professor Susanne Saussele
University of Mannheim


CML Highlights from ASH 2020 Collage ASH highlights
incl. Q&A session

Chairman: Professor Giuseppe Saglio

Biological overview:
(Susan Branford)

  • Single cell roadmap of immune cell response
    (ASH 2020: Huuhtanen J)
  • Prognostic relevance of genetic abnormalities in blast crisis (ASH 2020: Yotaro O)

Clinical Overview (Susanne Saussele)

  • ASCEMBL study (ASH 2020: Hochhaus et al)
  • OPTIC study (ASH 2020: Cortes et al)
  • JALSG Study (ASH 2020: Matsumara et al)
  • CANDID Study (ASH 2020: Rea et al)

Update on Treatment Free Remission
incl. Q&A session

Collage TimGioraProfessor Timothy Hughes
SAHMRI/University of Adelaide

Giora Sharf
Co-Founder of CML Advocates Network / CML patient

Hear Professor Hughes and Giora Sharf talking about topics like;

Update on TFR: (Timothy Hughes)

  • ELN/NCCN recommendations for TFR
  • Early BCR-ABL1 kinetics predictive for TFR
  • Probability of sustained TFR based on halving time
  • Precision medicine approach in CML: bioassay-directed management
  • Common questions regarding TFR

Global patients' survey on TFR (Giora Sharf)

  • The TFR4CML patients' research
  • Where is TFR done globally?
  • The phases of TFR
  • Results from the global survey: reasons for stopping treatment, topics discussed with doctors, doctor support, withdrawal syndrom, psychological support, information gaps

Current research in CML and the impact of COVID-19
incl. Q&A session

Collage Ehab MhairiDr Ehab Atallah Medical College of Wisconsin

Professor Mhairi Copland University of Glasgow

Watch the webinar to hear Dr Atallah's and Professor Copland's experience and perspectives on topics like;

CML Research during the COVID-19 Pandemic - A US perspective
CML Research during the COVID-19 Pandemic - A UK/EU perspective

  • Ongoing/planned studies in CML 
  • Study enrollment during the pandemic
  • Management of trial patients during the height of the pandemic and restart of enrollment
  • Local strategies at sites
  • Impact of COVID-19 on laboratory research

EHA Andreas HochhausEuropean LeukemiaNet (ELN) 2020 recommendations for treating chronic myeloid leukemia 
incl. Q&A session

Professor Andreas Hochhaus
University of Jena

Watch the webinar to hear Professor Hochhaus' experience and perspectives on topics like;

  • ELN 2020 treatment milestones
  • First-line therapy
  • ELN definitions of failure
  • ELN 2020 recommendations on treatment beyond 2nd line
  • Recommendations for switch: CP-CML
  • Biological features of progression 
  • Treatment-free remission
  • TKI and pregnancy
  • Strategic positioning of the new TKI: Asciminib
  • Overview of ELN Recommendations through the years

Professor Andreas Hochhaus has personally answered the questions asked during the webinar. His answers can be found to the pdf