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Jorge Cortes 2013


Professor Jorge Cortes
Georgia Cancer Centre, Augusta (USA)

Overview of significant clinical aspects presented during the meeting, including:

  • 01:37 Update on new drugs under development
    • Asciminib update - Efficacy and safety results ASCEMBL study
    • Ponatinib update - Post-hoc analysis OPTIC trial
    • Vodobatinib update - Efficacy results
  • 06:44 Real-world data
    • Clinical trials vs real-world data
    • Real-world experience with Asciminib
  • 08:23 Impact of gene variant SLA1 as a predictor of treatment response/progression
  • 09:36 Various aspects around the concept of treatment-free remission
  • 11:54 Patient-reported outcomes
  • 12:20 Michele Baccarani Special Symposium
  • 15:58 Debate: What is most important for CML persistence of the disease? Extrinsic factors or intrinsic factors?
  • 16:48 Debate: Is Ponatinib still the drug of choice for 3rd line therapy?

19:30 Q&A Session

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