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With the mission to improve outcomes for people with CML globally, a core part of the role of the iCMLf is to ensure best practice treatment for people with CML around the world. Since 2010 our programs throughout low- and middle-income countries have expanded access to CML education, networks, and discussions - all of which have improved the way CML is managed. In 2023 we are delighted to announce a new program – iCMLf Regional Discussions on CML.

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Jerald Radich

March 2023 - The iCMLf is delighted to announce that Professor Jerry Radich, Director of the Radich Laboratory and the Molecular Oncology Laboratory at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle (USA), is the winner of the 2023 Rowley Prize. The iCMLf Rowley Prize is awarded to celebrate people who have made outstanding lifetime contributions to the understanding of the biology of CML.

“I am honored and humbled by receiving the Rowley Prize. To be included in the company of past winners, under the name of the miraculous Janet Rowley, strains my belief and comprehension. I cannot adequately enough thank those who have given me this award, and those in my lab who have actually done the work.” (Professor Jerry Radich)

F. GuilhotMarch 2023 - Professor François Guilhot, an Emeritus Professor of Hematology and the past Director of the Clinical Investigation Center, 1402 INSERM in Poitiers, France, will receive the 2023 iCMLf Goldman Prize. Professor Guilhot receives the award in recognition of his pioneering achievements in important clinical trials in CML and his longstanding leadership in the management of CML. The annual Goldman Prize, awarded in honour of Professor John Goldman, acknowledges outstanding lifetime contributions to the management of patients with CML.

"Many great scientists have already received the John Goldman Prize. And I am very honoured to have been selected this year;this award recognizes 35 years of research and care for CML patients.” (Professor François Guilhot)

March 2023 - The iCMLf Prize in 2023 recognizes the work of Ukrainian hematologists in this time of war and disruption. The iCMLf Directors and Advisors have chosen the two nominated Ukrainian hematologists to jointly accept this prize in 2023:

  • Professor Iryna Dyagil
    Head of the Department of Radiation Oncohematology, National Scientific Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
    Kyiv (Ukraine)

  • Dr Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk
    Head of the Hematology Department SI ‘Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine NAMS’, Lviv (Ukraine)

The iCMLf Prize recognizes outstanding contributions to the improvement of CML under the challenging conditions of low- and middle-income countries with unequal access to monitoring and access.

You're invited to our next iCMLf Conversation on March 30th at 1.30 CEST!e258ac85 576b a1e5 63b1 5f343261f1ae

March 2023 - We are delighted to share that Professor Susan Branford from SA Pathology in Adelaide will be the CML expert for our next iCMLf Conversation on Thursday, March 30 th at 1.30 pm Central European Summer Time. Join us for this live expert talk on Zoom to hear her talking about genomics and mutations in CML. Professor Branford will share her expertise on mutation assessment and significance in CML and will discuss the concept of genomically-based risk assessment in CML.

Mhairi Copland

February 2022 - Do you have patients with advanced phases of CML? Would you like to hear first-hand from a CML expert on how best to manage these cases? Then, we invite you to join us for our next iCMLf Conversation, hosted by Professor Mhairi Copland from the University of Glasgow on Wednesday, February 22nd at 12pm Central European Time.

During this first iCMLf Conversation of 2023, Professor Copland will share her expertise on the outcomes for blast phase CML, novel therapy options and provide guidance on how to best treat your CML patients in advanced stages of CML.