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CANDID presentation ASHDecember 2021 - We are delighted that the iCMLf CML and COVID-19 (CANDID data) was presented at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) this week. The iCMLf CANDID study represents the largest global cohort study of CML patients with COVID-19 aiming to collect and analyse characteristics of COVID-19 cases among CML patients globally. During ASH, Dr Katia Pagnano presented an update of the CANDID data that explored the impact of various risk factors, such as co-morbidities, age, disease phase, CML treatment and economic status of the country of origin on clinical outcomes.

The CANDID real world data collection with more than 1,000 cases from 59 countries would not have been possible without the 186 physicians who contributed case reports. We thank everybody for their valuable contributions.

If you are looking for more ASH news, join us for the live CML highlights with Professor Susan Branford and Associate Professor Charles Chuah on December 23 at 13.00 Central European Time. (More details below)

icmlf knowledge center bannerNovember 2021 - We continue our 'From the laboratory' series on the iCMLf Knowledge Centre with a new module for clinicians that will increase your knowledge on diagnosis and testing methods.

Module 4 is a series of talks that will take you on the journey with your patients from diagnosis to monitoring response and the role of genomic mutation screening. Starting with the main laboratory studies at diagnosis, you’ll then learn how to best monitor your patients over time and what are the critical milestones.

Other presentations will give an overview of mutation testing in case of relapse or resistance, how to interpret results and what to do clinically when your patients have certain mutations. Another presentation focuses on mutations other than BCR-ABL, how often they occur and conclusions for clinical practice.

As always, we have put a spotlight on the needs of physicians treating CML patients in the emerging regions, specifically solutions for diagnosis and testing in a resource-constrained setting.

Learn more in a short video overview from Professor Jerry Radich, who co-chairs this module together with Dr Carolina Pavlovsky from Argentina.

Collage Branford ChuahNovember 2021 - The monthly iCMLf Conversations have become an integral part of our educational services. So far, we have held 16 live discussions on various topics of CML management with 33 experts involved this year. More than 6,300 people have viewed these expert talks live and on-demand.

The last highlight in our series of iCMLf Conversations for this year is coming soon. Please save the date for December 23rd at 13.00 Central European Time, when Professor Susan Branford and Associate Professor Charles Chuah Thuan Heng will discuss CML highlights from this year’s ASH meeting.

CML Highlights of the 63rd ASH Annual Meeting

  • Biological overview: Professor Susan Branford, SA Pathology / Centre for Cancer Biology, Adelaide (Australia)
  • Clinical overview: Associate Professor Charles Chuah Thuan Heng, Singapore General Hospital (Singapore)

Don’t miss this opportunity and join the live webinar.

icmlf knowledge center bannerNovember 2021 - When faced with limited resources in therapies, diagnostics and other logistic issues, it can be challenging to meet goals outlined by international recommendations and guidelines. In this new section of the iCMLf Knowledge centre, leading haematologists from low and middle-income countries share their experiences following the ELN recommendations to provide best practice CML.

Dr Arlene Harriss-Buchan, the iCMLf Emerging Regions Support and Partnership Manager, discusses important considerations with perspectives from China, Nepal, Mexico and Ethiopia. These include:

  • How are decisions on switching therapy made?
  • How can you manage a TKI discontinuation program?
  • What are the biggest challenges to implement the international guidelines?

icmlf knowledge center bannerOctober 2021 - We are happy to share new content on the iCMLf Knowledge Centre.

Our third module focuses on laboratory aspects of testing for CML from the perspective of non-clinical scientists. Specifically, the technical issues relating to diagnosis, monitoring response to treatment, picking up sub-optimal response and resistance associated mutations.

Learn more in a short video overview from Professor Nick Cross, who co-chairs this module together with Dr Neelam Varna from India.

Now find out what’s state of the art and hear about the diversity of approaches being used around the world.

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