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Regional Discussion Groups on CML


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With the mission to improve outcomes for people with CML globally, a core part of the role of the iCMLf is to ensure best practice treatment for people with CML around the world. Since 2010 our programs throughout low- and middle-income countries have expanded access to CML education, networks, and discussions - all of which have improved the way CML is managed. We are delighted to announce a new program – iCMLf Regional Discussions on CML, currently focussed on Africa, Latin America and South Asia. See below for details and links.

Each group is facilitated by both locally and internationally recognised CML experts who host inclusive discussions focused on topics and issues of particular regional relevance. All attending physicians are invited to share cases and be actively involved in discussions, ask questions, and comment freely on the topics at issue.


South Asia

View the iCMLf’s South Asian Regional Discussion Groups designed to support CML physicians in South Asia.

Upcoming meetings for 2024:

  • April 24th -
    • TKI choice and sequencing of treatment in a world of increasing options
    • Anticipating and managing acute TKI toxicity and adverse events
      Registration now closed - recording available to watch here
  • May 29th
    • The realities of long-term treatment - managing the chronic effects of TKIs, chronic complications and other challenge
    • The Role of Allo SCT today
  • June 26th
    • Getting the best out of your laboratory

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Topics in 2023 Included:

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View the iCMLf’s African Regional Discussion Groups designed to support CML physicians in Africa. 

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Latin America

View the iCMLf’s Latin American Regional Discussion Groups designed to support CML physicians in Latin America.

Topics include: 

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