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The International CML Foundation (iCMLf) is a Foundation established in 2009 by a group of hematologists with a strong interest in CML. Our mission is to improve the outcomes for patients with CML globally. We are currently registered as a charitable foundation in England and Wales, however our charter is global.

What are our aims and priorities?

The aims of the iCMLf are to foster and coordinate global clinical and research collaborations and to improve clinical practice and disease monitoring in CML by sharing best practice CML management.

The iCMLf has three main priorities:

  1. Improve access to world-class CML education and best practice so that people with CML receive the best possible management
  2. Increase the availability of CML testing for accurate diagnosis and monitoring. Through this more peope with CML will have access to treatment.
  3. Establish global research networks and projects to change the treatment paradigm of CML. Through these we work towards a cure for CML.

All our activities improve the lives of people with CML. The ultimate vision of the iCMLf is that through our work we cure CML, eventually preventing and eradicating the disease. 

Who is the iCMLf for?

Everybody with an interest in CML!

How is the iCMLf governed and supported?

The iCMLf has: