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iStock 1203771991 CoronavirusIn this ever changing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandememic keeping up to date with reliable information is key. In an effort to serve the CML community best during these difficult times, we have created this COVID-19 hub to provide you with expert statements, frequenty asked questions, relevant clinical papers and other reliable ressources.

We will be keeping you updated as more information becomes available.

If you have specific questions or want to share information around COVID-19 and CML that has been particularly helpful to you, please email

CANDID poster ASH 2022‘The iCMLf CANDID study gave confidence for physicians worldwide that their patients with well controlled CML were not at greater risk from COVID-19 than the general population and no changes to CML therapy specifically due to SARS-CoV-2 infection were required.’
(Professor Jorge Cortes)

Through 2020-2022 the real-world data from the iCMLf CML and COVID-19 registry has helped to answer key questions on the impact of COVID-19 for patients with CML and continues to explore the impact of specific factors on risks and outcomes, as the pandemic continues.

The recent poster presentation at the American Society of Hematology meeting - "A Risk Model for CML Patients with COVID-19:Importance of Molecular Response in the Context of Age, Comorbidities and Country Income has the conclusion that “based on our personalized risk model, the risk of COVID-19-related mortality was higher in patients not in MMR”. This continues to illustrate the risk factors for people with CML and inform them and their physicians.

Below we summarise the key data that have been presented at major meetings from this important registry.

The iCMLf has compiled for you expert talks, frequently asked questions, statements, expert opinions and interesting cases on COVID-19 and CML from reliable sources.

On this section you will find statements, expert talks and frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines and CML.

To help physicians confidently treat people with CML during the pandemic, the iCMLf has collected and analysed COVID-19 cases among patients with CML globally.

With over 1,000 cases reported by >190 physicians from 59 countries the iCMLf CANDID study represents the largest cohort of CML patients with COVID-19 aiming to collect and analyse characteristics of COVID-19 cases among CML patients globally.

The iCMLf is sharing a selection of interesting scientific publications on COVID-19 and CML from peer-reviewed journals.