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iStock 1203771991 CoronavirusIn this ever changing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandememic keeping up to date with reliable information is key. In an effort to serve the CML community best during these difficult times, we have created this COVID-19 hub to provide you with expert statements, frequenty asked questions, relevant clinical papers and other reliable ressources.

We will be keeping you updated as more information becomes available.

If you have specific questions or want to share information around COVID-19 and CML that has been particularly helpful to you, please email

As relevant health information and data concerning the disease, as well as the various governmental actions are changing constantly, the iCMLf makes no representation, warranty, or guaranty whatsoever as to any information that may be exchanged through this webpage. It remains the responsibility of each medical professional to decide on the appropriate medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment for patients with CML.

The iCMLf is sharing a statement on COVID-19 vaccines for people with CML.

The iCMLf is hosting conversations on CML and COVID-19 with renowed experts in CML that address key questions on how to manage patients with CML during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view recordings of the conversations here. The content of the presentations express the individual opinions of the respective experts.

Collage FlaggenYou can view recordings of the 'iCMLf conversations on CML and COVID-19' in non-English languages here.
Additional conversations in Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and French will be made available over the next couple of weeks. The content of the presentations express the individual opinions of the respective experts.

The iCMLf is sharing an expert statement specifically for chronic phase CML patients on the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease.

The iCMLf is sharing a series of valuable expert opinions and webinars from other resources that address questions on how to best manage patients with COVID-19 and CML.

At present we have very limited data on CML patients who have been infected with COVID-19. To gather CML specific information, the iCMLf is collecting details of CML patients diagnosed with COVID-19.
We are collecting both confirmed and suspected cases.

For each CML patient with COVID-19 please complete the   document iCMLf - CML an COVID-19 Case Collection Form (540 KB) according to your current knowledge.

 The iCMLf is sharing a selection of interesting scientific publications on COVID-19 and CML from peer-reviewed journals.