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The iCMLf has compiled for you expert talks, frequently asked questions, statements, expert opinions and interesting cases on COVID-19 and CML from reliable sources.

1. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on COVID-19 and CMLASH logo

CD5038 Conversations tile 27x128139462. iCMLf Conversations on COVID-19 and CML

The iCMLf hosted conversations on CML and COVID-19 with renowned experts in CML that addressed key questions on how to manage patients with CML during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view recordings of these conversations here. The content of the presenations express the individual opinions of the respective experts.

  • CML in the era of COVID-19
    Professor Jorge Cortes, Augusta (USA) (June 2020)
  • Management recommendations for patients with CML during the pandemic
    Professor Gianantonio Rosti, Bologna (Italy) (July 2020)
  • Management of patients with CML and COVID-19
    Dr Delphine Réa, Paris (France) (July 2020)
  • What do we know about COVID-19 so far from the real-world?
    Professor Hemant Malhotra, Jaipur (India) and Dr Katia Pagnano, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

View recordings of the iCMLf Conversations on COVID-19 and CML here

You can also view recordings of iCMLf Conversations on COVID-19 and CML in Non-English languages

Screenshot Case Forum3. Clinical Case discussion related to COVID-19

Physicians can post specific patient cases related to COVID-19 and CML for advice and discussion on the iCMLf Clinical Case Discussion Forum.

Discussions related to COVID-19 and CML can be found here:

4. Expert opinions on COVID-19 and CML

The iCMLf is sharing a series of valuable expert opinions and webinars from other resources that address questions on how to best manage patients with COVID-19 and CML.

5. Advice for people with CML and COVID -19

The iCMLf is sharing an expert statements specifically for chronic phase CML patients on the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease.