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On the 22nd of September is World CML Day. Every year, leukemia patients, patient organizations and hematologists around the world unite to addressWCMLD Pins the courage and hope required to living with CML and call for access to best available treatment and care for all CML patients.

The entire CML community came together to raise awareness on CML and the needs of patients celebrating the breakthroughs in treatment and management and also acknowledging what still needs to be done to make the best possible care available in all parts of the world. On World CML Day the iCMLf also reaffirms efforts to improve the outcomes for CML patients whereever they live, by supporting CML education, local access to diagnostics and best possible treatment through the iCMLf programs.


Logo CML Advocates NetworkExperience World CML Day

If you want to learn more about World CML Day activities go to the website of the CML Advocates Network and read about the varying activities to raise awareness on CML and have a look at the pictures from last year’s activities. 

Join us also on 9/22 for World CML Day and watch out for news to come!