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The iCMLf is governed and supported by a Board of Directors, a Scientific Advisory Board, a Patient Advisory Board and National Representatives.

The Board of Directors of the iCMLf:

There are 14 members of the iCMLf Scientific Advisory Committee. Members are respected hematologists, scientists and patient representatives who provide feedback and support for the activities of the Foundation.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee are:

Bringing patient's perspectives to the forefront of the iCMLf

The iCMLf has recently established a Patient Advisory Committee as a vital component of its governance and structure.

Mission statement:

The iCMLf Patient Advisory Committee is dedicated to bringing the perspectives, needs, and priorities of CML patients to the forefront of the Foundation's activities. Through collaborative engagement and informed advocacy, the PAC aims to ensure that the Foundation's programs, activities, and strategic directions are aligned with the best interests of patients living with CML worldwide.

To ensure global influence and representation for the iCMLf, physicians from countries on all continents have agreed to become national representatives of the iCMLf. The 36 National Representatives provide advice to the board and assist implementation of initiatives at a national level.