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The iCMLf is hosting conversations on CML and COVID-19 with renowed experts in CML that address key questions on how to manage patients with CML during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view recordings of the conversations here. The content of the presentations express the individual opinions of the respective experts.

Professor Jorge Cortes
Director, Georgia Cancer Center
Augusta (USA)


Jorge Cortes 2013CML in the era of COVID-19
incl. Q&A session

Watch the webinar to hear Professor Cortes' experience and perspectives on topics like;

  • COVID-19 in cancer patients in China / New York
  • Outcomes in patients with cancer and COVID-19
  • COVID-19 mortality in patients with cancer
  • COVID-19 in patients with hematological malignancies
  • COVID-19 in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia
  • Treating leukemia in the time of COVID-19
  • TKI's and COVID-19
  • Vaccination in patients with CML
  • CML and COVID-19 recommendations

Professor Gianantonio Rosti
St Orsola University Hospital
Bologna (Italy)




Rosti EHA 2019Management recommendations for patients with CML during the pandemic
incl. Q&A Session

Watch the webinar to hear Professor Rosti's experience and perspectives on topics like;

  • Newly diagnosed patients
    • How to begin therapy?
    • What therapies and why?
    • Any concerns about delaying therapy?
    • Recommendations for patients
  • Patients on TKI therapy
    • Should therapy be switched or stopped pre-emptively?
    • How should patients with CML be monitored?
  • Treatment-free-remission, suggestions
    • For those patients considering TFR
    • For those patients already in TFR



Dr Delphine Réa
Hôpital Saint-Louis
Paris (France)





EHA Delphine Rea

Management of patients with CML and COVID-19
incl. Q&A Session

Watch the webinar to hear Dr Rea's experience and perspectives on topics like;

  • SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19: symptoms and diagnostic tools
  • Classication of COVID-19 according to WHO
  • CML and COVID-19: personal experience
  • CML and asymptomatic SARS CoV-2 infection
  • CML and mild/moderate/severe/critical (WHO) COVID-19
  • Adapting TKI treatment strategy according to COVID-19 severity: personal suggestions
  • Drugs used or tested against COVID-19: potential interactions with CML TKI's
  • Prevention of COVID-19 in CML patients






Professor Hemant Malhotra
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Hospital, Jaipur

Dr Katia Pagnano
University of Campinas,
Sao Paulo




Collage Malhotra PagnanoWhat do we know about COVID-19 and CML so far from real-world?
Perspectives from India and Brazil
incl. Q&A Session

Watch the webinar to hear
Prof. Malhotra's and Dr Pagnano's experience and local perspectives on topics like;

  • Global data on CML and COVID-19 from the iCMLf/ASH
  • CML and COVID-19 cases in India and Brazil
  • CML and COVID-19: local experiences, strategy and specific challenges
  • Changes in management of patients with CML during the pandemic
  • Prevention of Coronavirus infection at local centres in India/Brazil