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The iCMLf National Representatives

To ensure global influence and representation for the iCMLf, physicians from countries on all continents have agreed to become national representatives of the iCMLf. The 36 National Representatives provide advice to the board and assist implementation of initiatives at a national level.

The iCMLf National Representatives are:


Australia Devendra Hiwase (Adelaide)
Argentina Eduardo Bullorsky (Buenos Aires)
Austria Peter Valent (Vienna)
Belgium Philippe Martiat (Brussels)
Brazil Ricardo Teixeira (Rio de Janeiro)
Canada Jeff Lipton (Toronto)
China Qian Jiang (Beijing)
China He Huang (Zhejiang)
Croatia Boris Labar  (Zagreb)
Cuba Valia Pavon
Czech Rep Jiri Mayer (Brno)
England Nick Cross (Salisbury)
France Francois-Xavier Mahon (Bordeaux)
Germany Andreas Hochhaus (Jena)
Hong Kong Raymond Liang (Hong Kong)
India Hemant Malhotra (Jaipur)
Ireland Michael O’Dwyer (Galway)
Israel Arnon Nagler (Tel Hashomer)
Italy Giovanni Martinelli (Bologna)
Japan Ryuzo Ohno (Nagoya)
Korea Dong Wook Kim (Seoul)
Lithuania Laimonas Griskevicius (Vilnius)
Malaysia Kian Meng Chang
Mexico Manuel Ayala
Moldova Vasile Musteata (Chisinau)
New Zealand Peter Browett (Auckland)
Poland Andrzej Hellmann (Gdarisk)
Portugal Antonio Parreira
Russia Andrey Zaritskey (St. Petersburg)
Serbia Andrija Bogdanovic (Belgrade)
South Africa Nicolas Novitzky (Cape Town)
Spain Francisco Cervantes (Barcelona)
Sweden Bengt Simonsson (Uppsala)
USA Michael Mauro (New York)
Venezuela Jose Luis Lopez (Caracas)