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It is with great pleasure and pride that we share with you the International CML Foundation's Annual Report for the year 2022/2023

The iCMLf’s mission of improving outcomes for people with CML has firmly solidified into 2 key goals:

  • Share best practice CML education from global and regional CML experts so that CML patients get the best possible treatment with the resources available => Optimal outcomes for CML patients
  • Utilise the iCMLf’s global network to shift the treatment paradigm => Cure

Group picture KopieOctober 2023 - A special THANK YOU to everyone who supported the John Goldman Fun Run, organised by the iCMLf during the recent ESH-iCMLf 25th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML in Mandelieu-La Napoule, France.

It was a huge success: around 45 participants, almost 60 supporters and more donations than ever:

Together we raised over $2,400 - what a great achievement!

Our heartfelt thank you to everyone for your generous contributions to support the
Climb for a cure Annapurna 2023. Your support makes a huge difference to help the iCMLf move towards a cure for CML.

Collage Cortes KrauseOctober 2023 - The next iCMLf Clinical Conversation will be ‘Highlights of the upcoming John Goldman meeting on CML.’ Join us to hear the latest and continue the discussions.

The 25th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML: Biology and Therapy – jointly organized by the European School of Hematology (ESH) and the International CML Foundation (iCMLf) – starts on Friday and will take place from October 6-8 in Mandelieu La-Napoule in France. We hope to see many of you there in person!

Come to visit us at the iCMLf booth to learn more about our programs, research alliances and the ‘2023 Climb for a cure’.

And remember to join us for the John Goldman Fun Run on Sunday morning!
You can register and pick up your (neon orange) Fun Run t-shirt at the iCMLf booth.

If you can’t attend the conference, or would like a recap after the conference, then please save the date for our next iCMLf Conversation that will feature highlights from the 2023 John Goldman Conference on CML.

On Tuesday, October 31st at 14.00 Central European Time, meeting co-chairs, Professor Jorge Cortes and Professor Daniela Krause, will provide a summary of the significant clinical and biological aspects of the scientific program with new and often unpublished data on CML.

Don’t miss this opportunity and join us for the live webinar.

Handover Tim Jorge KopieOctober 2023 - As Professor Tim Hughes has decided to step down as Chairman of the iCMLf Board of Directors, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and recognition for his passion, outstanding leadership and dedication in guiding the Foundation for the past 10 years.

The gavel has been symbolically handed to Professor Jorge Cortes as the new Chairman of the iCMLf at the recent Annual John Goldman Conference on CML: Biology and Therapy. During a formal handover ceremony, Professor Cortes acknowledged Tim Hughes as ‘a mentor, a friend, a leader, and inspiration as a giant in CML’, who played a pivotal role in advancing the mission and goals of the iCMLf over the past years.

Jorge Cortes 2013October 2023 - The International CML Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Jorge Cortes as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, effective 1st October 2023.

Professor Tim Hughes has led the Foundation for 10 years and when he decided to step down as Chairman the iCMLf Board unanimously voted for Professor Jorge Cortes to take on the role as the next Chairman of the Foundation.

‘It is now time for the iCMLf to move on with another leader and I am extremely confident that Jorge Cortes will take the Foundation to new levels of impact during his term as Chair.
He is an extraordinary clinician, researcher, and person.’
(Professor Timothy Hughes)

Support Andy on his Climb For a Cure journey!

CML patients across the globe can often have their world overshadowed by the challenges of the disease, but in this world emerge individuals whose resilience and spirit shine as beacons of hope. Such as one extraordinary soul, Andy Ojelabi, a courageous CML patient from Nigeria. Andy's story starts in 2015, when life took an unexpected turn upon receiving his devastating diagnosis of CML, which he describes as "the day everything stopped." However, Andy kept moving, and continues to move for all the people in his country living with CML - those who have been diagnosed and the many who can’t get a diagnosis.