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Collage Apperley Saglio

Panel of experts:

Professor Jane Apperley
Imperial College London (UK)

Professor Giuseppe Saglio
University of Turin (Italy)

Meet-the-CML-Expert Q&A Session
Host: Nicola Evans (iCMLf)

0:00 Introduction
2:07 CML classification including WHO 2022
8:27 Prevalence of CML in younger age groups
12:46 First- and second line TKI therapy for CML
17:41 Management of safety issues / toxicities including 2 patient cases
31:34 CML and pregnancy / fertility
38:30 Management of blast crisis including 1 patient case
47:40 Treatment-free remission
49:33 Generics

For more information on generic TKI's please see Dr Geoff Lipton's presentation in the iCMLf Knowledge Centre:

We are happy to answer all remaining questions during our next 'Meet-the-CML-Expert' session to come.
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