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Ravi Bhatia


Professor Ravi Bhatia
Director of the Stem Cell Program at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (USA)

Overview of significant biological aspects presented during the meeting, including:

  • 03:44 Pre-treatment biological characteristics determining response
    • A single-cell Atlas identifies pretreatment features of primary imatinib resistance in CML
  • 11:47 Novel approaches to targeting leukemia stem cells
    • Integrated high-throughput drug profiling and CRISPR screening identify novel pathway vulnerabilities of leukemic stem cells in CML
    • Discovery of an exceptionally potent PROTAC degrading native and mutant BCR-ABL1 oncoprotein in CML
  • 21:59 Metabolic vulnerabilities in leukemia stem cells
    • Metabolic adaptation to tyrosine kinase inhibition in chronic myelogenous leukemia stem cells
    • Targeting HIF-2α for the treatment of CML by affecting LSCs metabolism and the vascular microenvironment
  • 26:33 Questions and Answers

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