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Jorge Cortes 2013


Professor Jorge Cortes
Georgia Cancer Centre, Augusta (USA)

Overview of significant clinical aspects presented during the meeting, including:

  • Frontline therapy studies (03:14)
    • Final results of the TIGER trial: Nilotinib vs. Interferon + Nilotinib (03:41)
    • Results of the FASCINATION trial: Asciminib + Nilotinib (06:04)
    • Asciminib single agent study (08:55)
  • Mutational abnormalities in genes other than BCR-ABL (10:44)
    • Clonal hematopoiesis mutants at the time of TFR (11:24)
    • Presence of somatic mutations prior to TFR (13:04)
  • Debate: Is genomic screening essential prior to frontline therapy? (14:01)
  • Treatment-free remission studies (16:12)
    • Final analysis of the EURO-SKI study (16:19)
    • Study on TFR in children (17:05)
  • Studies with patients outside of current recommendations (17:38)

Q&A Session can be found at the end of the biological overview

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