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Daniela Krause


Professor Daniela Krause
Director of the Institute of Transfusion Medicine at the University of Mainz  (Germany)

Overview of significant biological aspects presented during the meeting, including:

  • New therapeutic concepts in CML (01:50)
    • SSRI paroxetine targets both c-Myc-dependent and inflammatory CML LSC (01:59)
    • PROTAC-based BCR::ABL1 degrader (03:07)
    • New antibody treatment against CD47 (04:31)
  • Bone marrow microenvironment (05:38)
  • Biological factors and biomarkers impacting treatment-free remission (08:40)
  • Leukemic stem cells - new ways of targeting (10:33)
  • Metabolism in leukemic stem cells (11:27)
  • Novel developments in HSC transplant and treatment of GVHD (12:15)
  • The role of defective neutrophil clearance in MPN (13:00)
  • Interesting presentations from areas outside of CML (13:35)
  • Workshop on imaging (17:04)
  • Workshop on single-cell analysis (19:45)

  • Q&A Session (21:36)

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