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February 2018 - Every year the International CML Foundation awards three prizes to recognise and reward outstanding achievements and contributions to the management and understanding of CML.

We are very pleased to introduce you to the prize recipients in 2018:

  • Rowley Prize - Professor Nick Cross (UK). This award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the understanding of the biology of CML and is awarded to Nick Cross in recognition of his scientific achievements to better understand the molecular pathogenesis of CML and the development, validation and standardisation of genetic tests.
  • Goldman Prize – Professor Jorge Cortes (USA). This prize recognises outstanding contributions to the clinical management of CML and is awarded to Jorge Cortes for his globally recognised expertise and life-long commitment to the management of patients with CML.
  • iCMLf Prize – Professor Hemant Malhotra (India). The iCMLf prize recognises outstanding contributions to improving the treatment of CML in the emerging economic regions. Hemant Malhotra receives the prize for his remarkable achievements to improve the treatment of patients with CML in India and neighbouring countries.

From the many nominations submitted by the CML community, the three prize winners were selected by a panel of the iCMLf Advisors and Directors along with previous prize winners. We congratulate all recipients on their prizes and thank them for their unparalleled commitment to improving the outcomes for patients with CML all around the world.

The 2018 recipients will receive their iCMLf medals at the annual John Goldman Conference on CML. The award ceremonies are followed by keynote lectures by the awardees. The 2018 John Goldman conference will take place from September 13-16, in Miami (USA). The deadline for abstract submissions is May, 8, 2018.

Scholarships available - The Leuka International Scholarship Fund has decided to renew support of the Leuka/ESH Scholarship Fund supporting early career biologists and clinicians to attend the John Goldman Conference on CML. To apply, please send a letter of motivation, an official letter certifying your early-career status and your CV together with your abstract and a list of publications to Applications are welcome until May 8, 2018.