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World CML Day LogoWorld CML Day 22/9 - visit the new iCMLf patient page

22nd of September (22/9) is World CML Day. This year’s theme is ‘Today, together. Improving access.’

The iCMLf, along with CML patients, patient organisations and the hematologists and scientists who treat CML around the world stand together. Today we raise awareness about CML, recognising what has already been achieved through breakthroughs in medicine, but also acknowledging that there are still huge challenges to meet for people living with CML. This is especially true in regions with limited access to high-quality diagnostics and therapies.

Access is important to patients in many ways. Access to reliable information is key. There is a lot of valuable online content available to help CML patients better understand and manage their disease. But sometimes finding the right information is not easy.

On our recently launched patient page, we provide an information hub where reliable up to date information for patients can be found. We link to available patient-friendly information from patient and medical organisations and hope that this is a good starting point for a patient’s journey learning about and living with CML.

Access the new iCMLf patient page here

Experience 2018 World CML Day

If you want to learn more about World CML Day activities around the world, or share your own campaign, go to the website of the CML Advocates Network.

Be part of the World CML Day 2018. We all share a common goal: to improve the outcomes for people with CML.