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March 2020 - The iCMLf is pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 Goldman Prize. Professor Jane Apperley, Chair of the Centre for Haematology at Imperial College, London, UK will receive her Goldman medal during the 2020 John Goldman meeting on CML in October. The annual Goldman Prize, awarded in honour of Professor John Goldman, acknowledges outstanding contributions to the management of patients with CML. Professor Apperley receives the prize in recognition of her exceptional reputation as a clinical academic and her many years of expertise in CML and blood and bone marrow transplantation.

"Jane has been one of the leaders in CML research for many years. She has helped us not only develop better therapies for patients with CML, but with thorough, thoughtful and innovative research and analysis, understand the best way to manage patients incorporating all known variables and even helping us think of new variables that play a role. She has always kept a critical but balanced view of the data and performed innovative and groundbreaking research. Jane and her group have been leaders in CML research for many years and her contributions make her a very deserving recipient of this award. And even more fitting having worked with John for so many years.”
(Professor Jorge Cortes, Georgia Cancer Center, Augusta University)

Jane Apperley’s group at the Hammersmith Hospital cares for one of the largest cohorts of patients with CML and has been involved in many CML clinical trials. Professor Apperley and her team have gained extensive experience in the use of first- and second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI’s), particularly in the areas of molecular monitoring and mechanisms of drug resistance. They have made seminal observations including the discovery of the most important prognostic biomarkers (early molecular response) and the teratogenic effect of TKI’s in pregnancy.

Dr. Apperley has a long-standing interest in the ways in which hematologic diseases and their treatment impact fertility, pregnancy and fetal outcome. Her contributions in this field have been consistently impactful and have changed the way CML is managed and treated during pregnancy today.

Professor Apperley is the Chair of the Centre for Haematology at Imperial College in London and Clinical Director of Clinical Haematology at the Imperial College Healthcare National Health Service Trust. She served as the President of both the European Group of Blood and Marrow Transplantation and the British Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the Centre for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research.

Jane Apperley qualified in medicine from the University of Birmingham and after initial specialisation in internal medicine she completed specialist training in hematology in Birmingham, London and Cambridge. During this time, she spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Children's Hospital in Boston, where she received training in gene transfer and therapy.

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